Re: [CODE] Perm Object Affects

From: Sexy Coder (sexycoder@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 09/17/98

I need help getting it so that when somebody wears an item, then the
item gives the a spell. For example, they wield some power sword and
they should get permenant sanctuary.  When they remove the sword, they
lose that sactuary.  But, I also have 128-bit flags, if that makes a
difference.  Maybe I am just blind and cannot see a patch that will work
for 128-bit flag conversion.  Any help is appreciated.

-Sexy Coder

Before, I wrote:
>I recently converted to 128-bit flags and can't seem to get the
>objaff.txt snippet to work.  I know it is because of the conversion and
>would appreciate any help from somebody who has either got this to work
>with their mud, or has any knowledge how to get it working.  Thank you.

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