Re: [IDEA] losing limbs (EXPLICIT) ;p

From: Benjamin Draper (satrycus@DRACHENBURG.DEMON.CO.UK)
Date: 09/18/98

Marc Gale wrote:
> Hmm, was your mud vaguely technological?  A few of the posts from
> people hint that they don't mind decapitation if replacement
> artificial limbs could be gained.
> I suppose it depends on how freely available false working limbs
> would be.
  Actually it was run o' the mill medieval, I just love those
celtic legends about smiths creating non-magical and magical working
limbs. Of course having a limb made of wood, or metal would open
your body parts to a whole new range of attacks, such as rust and rot

> That would certainly work well.  But again it is down to how close to
> death the players are left, do they then slowly bleed to death,
> unable to do anything else?
  There is always that chance, most mobs would have just fought for
survival, stunning the player if possible which wouldn't have resulted
in much bloodshed.

> Umm, although groups are always recommended, in my experience,
> players don't tend to group *that* often.
  This is just another reason for those pesky players to actually
group, safety in numbers. Although I can see problems with those
players who want to play solo in a multi-user universe.

> So what happens if the player is below 0 hit points, but not far
> enough down to be dead dead?
 Okay, players still had their hit points, and max hit points. Max hit
points was a number arrived at by subjecting each of the individual
body parts hp to a modifier and adding all the results together. For
example, 10% of max hit came from BODYPART_HEAD, 15% from each leg, etc.
When a player was hit, the damage was subtracted from the body part
hit points AND the total hit points. If the body part hp went below
0, it was lopped off, if the total hit points went below 0 then they
suffered in the standard circlemud way. 'dead dead' was when it would
become simply unfeasible for a player to carry on, and their max hit
points were fast approaching 0 ;P

> (god, this email sounds picky and irritable, sorry folks, it's not
> really)
 no worse than mine ;P

> Another thing that might be worth noting here, is that the MUD is not
> pure combat (oops, that came out wrong).  What I mean is that we aim
> to cover as many different playing styles as possible.  Sure, there
> are the hack and slash merchants, and they will be quite happy to
> toddle off and kill or be killed time and time again.  But we also
> allow for merchants, wizards, actors, etc.  In other words, combat is
> a small, but important part of the way to play the MUD, not the only
> way to develop.

 I know what you mean, the intention was to have equally big
distractions in other areas of gameplay. Not having mobs kill you
if you become unconscious makes death occur less often, it also makes
players alot more wary as the consequences for dying are worse, the
ptesters I worked with said they would rather gain exp from using
skills successfully (this could start a whole new discussion ;P) or
completing quests, than running around mindlessly bludgeoning smurfs
to death.

-> Ben

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