[NEWBIE] dgevents and borland 5.01 error

From: Mundi King (kingmundi@YAHOO.COM)
Date: 09/19/98

when i use the same source code and try to compile
under bc5 under win95, i get these two error messages

Info :Compiling C:\circle30bpl14\src\events.c
Error:  function.h(62,14):Declaration syntax error
in bc5\include\function.h

namespace std {

Error:  iostream.h(24,2):Error directive: Must use C++ for the type
in bc5\include\iostream.h

#ifndef __cplusplus
#error Must use C++ for the type iostream.

now, i believe the error is stemming from queue.h and not events.c,
events.c is the first point at which queue.h gets included

in circle30bpl14\src\queue.h

/* function protos need by other modules */
struct queue *queue_init(void);
struct q_element *queue_enq(struct queue *q, void *data, long key);
void queue_deq(struct queue *q, struct q_element *qe);
void *queue_head(struct queue *q);
long queue_key(struct queue *q);
long queue_elmt_key(struct q_element *qe);
void queue_free(struct queue *q);

seems like borland is balking at a declaration
that is c++ ?

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