(Player) Namelist Questions

From: Ryu Kuno (RyuKuno@AOL.COM)
Date: 09/20/98

After reading a few posts concerning namelists for players, I *tried* to see
if I could modify a player's namelist as so to emulate surnames.
Pretty much, I put in a simple GET_ALIAS(ch) = str_dup(...) function (where
GET_ALIAS(ch) points to the name char of the playerfile structure and NOT the
GET_NAME macro).  It worked fine; allowing the player would go from _Boffo_ to
_Boffo Bates_.
I could <look boffo>, <look bates>, <kill boffo>, <kill bates>, etc. .  The
problem I encountered was:

(a) I can't logon as _Boffo Bates_.  Just _Boffo_.

(b) When I reboot Circle and try to sign on as Boffo, I get a new character
(not the previously saved one).

This prompts me to ask:

(a) If I were to successfully save the players, would I end up with a system
 *Buffy Bates*, *Boffo Bates*, and *Boffo Banks* are all different characters?

(b) How do I save the character as Boffo Bates and not Buffy Bates/Boffo
Banks?  How do I retrieve Boffo Bates and not Buffy Bates/Boffo Banks?  Would
I have to add in a que to get the player's last name for logging in/character

I have one more (related) question:
(a) I am trying to create a system where players can accept members into their
groups.  I have to create CON_Allow-in-Group (or something to that effect).
I'd like to know if all I have to do is DEFINE the new CON_ and then add it
into the SWITCH statement in Interpreter.c  .

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