From: Scott Clifford (digital@TOGETHER.NET)
Date: 09/20/98

Ok, I know this is going to get a lot of RTFC and RTFM butI have and ended
up with a real messed up bit.
I am using circle 30 bpl11

First i have added AFF_SUSTAIN and made and obj that applies this to the
character but doesn't work. In limits.c where it calls gain_cond there is
a section if (GET_COND(ch, cond) == -1)) return;

I added

 and the char still loses condition :(.

Second I am trying to add a hold person spell. I have put the spell and
AFF_HOLD_PERSON in, I can cast the spell and make the person get
AFF_HOLD_PERSON but i do not know where to put it in fight.c and
act.movement.c . Any suggestions on where it might go ?

Third where is it that max_applies are controlled? I.E. i cast str 50
times and end up with a 60 str :(.

Alaron the up and coming newbie coder.

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