Re: [MSVC++] Making Circle using MSVC++

From: Phillip A. Ames (kirk47@JUNO.COM)
Date: 09/21/98

On Tue, 22 Sep 1998 08:56:30 +1000 Andrew Ritchie
<object@ALPHALINK.COM.AU> writes:
>Hi all.
>I am trying to compile bpl14 of Circle in Win95 using MSVC++ 5.0. I am
>following the
>win95.txt instructions, found @
[snip snip]

Look for the compiling under MSVC 5.0 section.  If you don't feel like
going there, I'll dredge what I can from memory, but note that it may be
a bit incomplete...

1. Create a new Win32 console app called 'Circle'
2. Create a folder inside that called 'Include Files'(Not necessary, but
keeps it more organized)
3. Right click the folder and select, 'Add files to folder' and add all
your .h files
4. Right click the project and click, 'Add files to project' and add all
your .c files
5. Goto the Project->Settings Menu and select the 'Link' tab.  Add
wsock32.lib to the end of the list of Object/Library modules
6. You SHOULD be ready to compile about now...  If you haven't done so
already, copy your file over the conf.h file...
7. Compile!

The previous steps were what I remember from Rob Baumstark's page about
compiling Circle under Win95.  Hope that helps, if not, go to his
page(mentioned above).

Bounties.  I want to add them.  I don't think my post went through a
while back about them ;).  I'm thinking of using a long bounty; in my
player special data, and if a player attacks another player, they'll get
a bounty of like 20-30 times their level and the level of the vict, and
if a player kills someone with a bounty, it won't set the pkiller bit on
them, it will give that player however many credits the other persons
bounty was worth, and then clear the victims bounty... anyone done this
before, or feel like giving me a few pointers on how to do it?


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