Re: [RP] Intro System (Was: Roleplaying ideas)

From: mike! (claywar@RJSONLINE.NET)
Date: 09/22/98

I coded an introduction system awhile back based on the information from
some merc text I believe.  My system ended up being based around two
things: an int* of idnums and a modified PERS().  Basically PERS() was
changed from a macro to a function that in addition to the stuff it did
before checked if the idnum of the character was in the list.  Granted
this method might prove to be a problem with mobs being that more than one
instance could exist and you might not want the character to know both;
not to mention that mobs don't use idnums like players, but the idea could
be modified very easily.

A word of warning though:  I have yet to see more than 3 people that
truely used an introduction system as it was meant to be used
(disregarding well established RP muds who have no need to expand player

Also you might want to code some method of turning it on and off, but this
should point you in the right direction.

Mike            ::

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