Re: Quasar Hosting and DG-Script example

From: Angus Mezick (angus@EDGIL.CCMAIL.COMPUSERVE.COM)
Date: 09/22/98

You are right about the guy who correct the grammar being annoying.  Twerps like
that should be ignored and deleted.  All we really ask on this list is five

1) Delete all parts of a message you are replying to that don't apply to your
reply. (You sent an extra copy of the circle sig and someone else sig)

2) If you are just spouting non-circle related drivel (see the quoted message
below) be sure to include something interesting that you thought up that applies
to the topic.

3) Before you ask for help on a bug, try for yourself. (don't think this applies
to you)

4) When you do ask for help include 1) what happened, 2) debugger output, 3) the
code that is crashing, and 4) What machine you are running on (win95/unix
flavor)  Crystal balls don't exist, we can't read your screen from here.

5) You have read all the FAQ's about the list and circlemud and abide by what is
there.  (all of the above items were covered in the faq at the address printed
at the bottom of this list.  I even think it was mailed to you.  It is not to be

--Angus - There should be a special hell for those who don't read documentation.

obCircle:  A couple of cute dg-triggers:
attribute to Robert Seay

Name: 'Wally trig 1',  VNum: [12706], RNum: [   16]
Trigger Intended Assignment: Mobiles
Trigger Type: Receive , Numeric Arg: 100, Arg list: None
   wait 2
   say Sure thing boss, who should I deliver this too.

Name: 'Wally 2',  VNum: [12707], RNum: [   17]
Trigger Intended Assignment: Mobiles
Trigger Type: Command , Numeric Arg: 100, Arg list: deliver
   wait 2
   say On my way
   : gets in a carrige marked (SPS) and takes off
   mteleport %self% %arg%
   : pulls up in a carrige marked (SPS)
   wait 1
   say Package for %arg%, from : sign here..
   wait 1
   give all %arg%
   : hops on his carrige and rides off.
   mteleport %self% 12735

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Subject: Re:  Quasar Hosting and an ObCircle
Date:    9/22/98 3:34 PM

I dont Understand....

 This is very typical on every list. A person asks for help and wants to
learn, but there is always someone on the list that knows it all. The first
thing they do before offering any help is to slam the newbie writing the
letter. I thought this list was for help and support of a fantastic MUD
server. If thats not what this list is about is there a list where a person
doesnt have to be affraid to post what they believe to be a a good question.
We are not all C/C++ programmers, and I know that I don't have a minor in
english. So far with one (what may be a stupid question post to you that
knows all) I have tried to give info that was asked of me then was ridiculed
for posting that info.

please try and Help Us Newbies.
<More offtopic drivel and bad quoting deleted>

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