From: Rick Glover (magik@THEGRID.NET)
Date: 09/22/98

I've looked at this for too long, can't figure out the bug, please help me.
I'm trying to add a struct for mob_attack_data to keep record of separate
attacks and their damage.  This should work just like obj_affect_data, but I
can't get past the compile error message at the end of this letter.

#define MAX_ATTACKS             20 /* Used in mob_special_data          */

struct mob_special_data {
   byte last_direction;     /* The last direction the monster went      */
   byte default_pos;        /* Default position for NPC                 */
   memory_rec *memory;      /* List of attackers to remember            */
   int wait_state;          /* Wait state for bashed mobs               */
   byte num_hitdice;        /* Number of Hit Dice                       */
   byte size_hitdice;       /* Size of Hit Dice                         */
   byte add_hitdice;        /* Added to Hit Points after calculated     */
   int experience;          /* Experience gained by killing             */
   struct mob_attack_data attack[MAX_ATTACKS];  /* Attacks              */

struct mob_attack_data {
   byte attack_type;        /* The Attack Type Bitvector for NPC's      */
   byte damnodice;          /* The number of damage dice's              */
   byte damsizedice;        /* The size of the damage dice's            */

In file included from comm.c:16:
structs.h:1428: field `attack' has incomplete type


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