Re: Going from Win95 to Unix (+ObCircle)

From: Andrew Ritchie (object@ALPHALINK.COM.AU)
Date: 09/23/98

>Also if I do have to use dos2unix, should I type it right on the shell? Hehe.
>This is slightly hard for me because I really suck with vi. I mean. I've read
>the help files but actually making a file with it I think I would need some
>practice for. :-)  ::hugs his DOS edit program::. I am assuming that if I make
>the file with my text editor in Dos, it will have the ^M's on it and wouldn't
>work on the shell anyway. Is there a premade script I could put directly on
>the shell?

First of all, use Joe. It's easier to use than vi. Simply type 'joe <filename>'.
There are heaps of dos2unix pre-compiled proggies out there - just download one
off the internet. However, you should be able to simple copy the bash script in
an earlier message into Joe and then run it. Don't forget to type chmod +x

Hope this helps.

ObCircle (RP):

I want to make the development of houses and clan strongholds in my MUD more RP.
I was thinking about having a set of players that were able to use redit or
even maybe implementing a builder class. Anyone tried doing this?

| Andrew Ritchie,

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