PC Remodeling

From: Bryan Britt (beltane@BELTANE.COM)
Date: 09/23/98

We are in the process of doing this very thing...  We are stripping down
the redit command from Oasis and calling it a 'remodel' command.
It won't allow changes to the exits or flags...  only the title and

Also, it will subtract 10,000 GP every time it's used. <G>

I'm not to this part yet, but the permissions will be granted by
checking to see if this person owns the house.  And yes the same is true
for clan houses and our churches.

Also we have a Level_God named Mason, that goes around with his magic
Hammer to build the house for the player...  for good roleplaying..

Bryan Britt
Beltane Web Services

At [Thu, 24 Sep 1998 08:38:22 +1000], Andrew Ritchie <object@ALPHALINK.COM.AU
> wrote:

> I want to make the development of houses and clan strongholds in my MUD more
> RP.
> I was thinking about having a set of players that were able to use redit or
> something,
> even maybe implementing a builder class. Anyone tried doing this?

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