Re: Track

From: Marc Gale (MARC@BGC.AC.UK)
Date: 09/24/98

> Okay you know how track works right.. it tells you which direction to goto
> to get to that person..
> well is there anyway toget it so that a person doesn't have too keep
> tracking everytime they go into another room...
> like maybe the firsttime it say
> # you sense a trail to the north
> and then when you go north under the room description it will say
> # you sense a trail east...
> instead of them having to type track name everytime they go into a different
> room

One easy way to do it would be to have a flag in the player structure
that was used to show whether the player is tracking, although it
would need a corresponding string in there as well.

Then, whenever the player enters a room, the track command kicks in
and repeats the process for the player.  To stop this, the player
would type 'track stop' or something like that.


> track fido
You sense a trail to the east

The MUD then ticks the track flag, and sets the tracking string to be

> east
You walk to the east
Room description

You sense a trail to the north

> north
You walk to the north
Room description

A fido is here

> track stop
You stop tracking

The MUD then clears the string down and removes the track flag


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