[NEWBIE] bpl12 init_char

From: Mark Gerritsen (m.p.h.gerritsen@STUDENT.UTWENTE.NL)
Date: 09/24/98


I'm using bpl12, and I noticed the following in db.c, in init_char:

  for (i = 1; i <= MAX_SKILLS; i++) {
    if (GET_LEVEL(ch) < LVL_IMPL)
      SET_SKILL(ch, i, 0)           <---- No semi-colon!
      SET_SKILL(ch, i, 100);

There's a semi-colon "missing". The code works fine however, and
it won't even work when I -do- add the semi-colon. I'm working on
something I want to base on the skill system, and I came across this...
Anyone know why there shouldn't be a semi-colon there?
(I figure it has something to do with the macro, bpl14 -does- have
 a semi-colon there, and a slightly different macro, with

Any info would be appreciated!

Havoc of Dagmarck (Mark Gerritsen)

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