[OFFTOPIC] Local IP & ObCircle RP ideas

From: Andrew Ritchie (object@ALPHALINK.COM.AU)
Date: 09/26/98

Just wondering if there was a way to findout your local IP address in
Windows 95.


I was wondering if anyone has actually thought about a player-run system of
government, like Kinds and Queens and/or Houses that try to decimate each
other? The only thing would be to look out for how they actually run their
kingdom, and don't simply look out for themselves or say to other players
"Ner ner, King is a higher level that level 9".

and to make this a bit believable...

How about shopkeepers having to make all the equipment themselves, using
appropriate items in their inventory? Ie, if a Swordsmith wanted to make
a Double-Handed Obsidian Longsword then he'd need Five Obsidian Ingots,
Two steel ingots and a Obsidian Shortsword. However, he'd only start off
with a few of these items, and these items would never repop. He'd have
to buy these items off PC merchants, and in turn the kingdom rulers must
ensure that merchants who come to their towns get fair prices, otherwise
the people in their town rill starve and enventually revolt. This system
would work for all kinds of NPC sellers, from Bakers who need flour to
Siege-Engine builders who need wood.

and some more rp ideas.....

I was wanting to make a scout class of sorts, or at least scouting skills.
The main idea I was thinking of was that scouts could stay in a 'Sentinel'
position (which uses energy over time) in rooms where the LOOKOUT flag
is present (ie in High Towers, in Turrets) and then use the command
'lookout'. This would then show them a bit of an Ascii map, in colour
of course, of the area - the size of the area depends on visibility (fog,
nighttime) and the PCs skill. For example, a fairly experienced scout
on a clear day might see the following....


& = ocean
+ = walkable land
| \ = specific track
* = three or more people in this room of a familiar race
0 = three or more people in this room of a unfamiliar race

The they could do something (this might be going a bit too far) like this...

lookout 10 1

and that would show them a description of the room and the contents of the room
(a good thing here to do would be to limit it so that you could only see things
over a certain height, you might be able to see an ogre but a dwarf surely not)
just like (or similar) to what look would do if you were standing in the room.
This idea would work out well when I implement ships too - how could we forget
the crows nest? :)

I thought these ideas might add another level to my MUD, even though I hate the
idea of ASCII maps. Any comments would be appreciated. I've learnt now that
almost everything can be implemented, so don't tell me it would be too hard to

Sorry about the length of this, Andrew.

| Andrew Ritchie, object@alphalink.com.au.

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