Re: Help on ways to implement idea

From: Del Minturn (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 09/28/98

Jodi Goddard wrote:
> >i am trying to implemement the same kinda spell system into my mud..
> >but i have no idea how to start..
> >maybe you can help me...
> One way I thought of doing it but haven't really looked into it, is if
> spec_proc's can be assigned to OBJ's, use that to do a SET_SKILL(blah, 100);

Would it be possible to set up a database for each character based on
or her class. To hold spell information as to what spells they can learn
and what spells they have learned?
Then all you need to do is set those variables for which spells they
and they can use.
If they have a book of fireball (which is lets say for level 20) and
are level 20
When they scribe/memorize/write/learn or what ever the spell
if ((GET_LEVEL(ch) >= 20) && (book = "Fireball"))
/*not sure how to check at the moment */
  player.spell.list.fireball = 1??

Im tired and wanted to toss out the idea before I went to bed.. so
please flame
me personally as I will be more than willing to say I am totally off
But the idea is there, I hope!

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