Re: Help on ways to implement idea

From: The Gortemakers (wgortema@ESCAPE.CA)
Date: 09/29/98

Del Minturn wrote:

> I never did like memorizing spells! Maybe to learn them the first time
> but after that, it's like my brain fried and I have to relearn how to
> pick up a sword. ACK! Do you have to relearn how to drive a car, or make
> macaroni and chease, or any other chore once you learn it? nope!
> Maybe for some stronger spells, have it so that items are needed when
> casting the spell. Then remove the items after the spell went off. If
> they run out of the item. They will have to find more.
> More realistic!

I believe material components for spells is already part of the circlemud code
base for those of you that like material components.  None of the base spells
use it, but it _is_ there.

As a point of interest:

For those of you that don't particularly like mana, it does exist in AD&D.  I
played in a quest a while back (Forgotten Realms) in which we were moved back in
time to ancient Netheril.  In this ancient time period, magic users "tapped into
the weave" which I believe was just the magic that existed all around everyone
something like the force in Star Wars.  A magic user had a certain number of
mana points that had to last him for the whole day.  For instance, my level 15
cleric had 100 mana points.  If she were to cast a level 7 spell, then she would
end up with 100-7=93 mana points.  A spell could be cast as many times as the
mana points allowed, as it is done in circle.  Every day, you would receive full
mana points again.

Allan Gortemaker

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