Re: Windows and Olc

From: Francis Hotchkiss (fhotch@BUFFNET.NET)
Date: 09/29/98

> Ok basically i've spent 10 hours trying to get circle30bpl14 working
> with version
> 1.6b of oasis and I can't even patch the files.  Some people have been

Personally, I never patch anything, I always hand-patch because I like to
know what's being done to my code, and I don't want the patch to screw
something up. I was able to handpatch in both oasis 1.6a and obuild 0.8
into my MUD. It took about 5 hours to get everything nice and straightened
out, but oasis and obuild are both working fine.

-Steven, Head Coder of GatewayMUD

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