[CRITICAL Problem]

From: Jodi Goddard (jodig@SPRINT.CA)
Date: 09/30/98

Ok, this is one CRITICAL problem that basically makes a MUD useless.

When ever someone tries to logon remotely through the DNS and IP address,
the MUD disconnects them right after they type their user name.  The
password prompt does appear however.

The Log file only shows "Loosing player blah blah blah."  No error messages.

However, I can log on locally ( no problemo.  This problem
apeared today, and I never had it.

I am thinking Proxy though, because I intalled some software, and it set
proxies for Netscape, but deleted that software, and got rid of the Proxy
in Netscape.  But to contradict that, I also run an FTP server, and that
runs with out problems.

Also, I checked my TCP/IP settings, and those are all fine.

This MUD is running off my own computer too, if that counts for anything.

Anyway, this is the lowdown of my MUD:
        BorlandC v.5

Any help is greatly apreciated, as this is a major problem for the MUD ..

Jodi Goddard  -   ICQ : 17422736
*PGP v6.0 Encryption Available.*

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