Re: last names?

From: James Thomas (rasdan@TELEPORT.COM)
Date: 09/30/98

> Has anyone here implemented the ability to have first and last names, or
> think they might know how? Before I start doing anything I am trying to
> estimate how much work needs to be done

Not much work really.

You just need to add a new varible to the playerfile, wherever you want.
Keep in mind that it will destroy your existing pfile.

Have the player input first and last name under CON_NAME and use
two_arguments on it.

Then check to see if first argument is a player, if it's not, then tell
them they need to input two names. When they do, set first and last names
as approriate and go on.


   James C. Thomas Jr.
   Head Implementor, FinalityMUD 4000

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