[NEWBIE] Clans

From: John Hines (sculpy@MUD3.GATOR.NET)
Date: 09/30/98

I am adding in the clan patch the same as the previous string. Any way I
am using circle 3.0 bpl14 olc+2.1a and dg scripts
i added in this patch and i got it compiled nicely mud boots nice so i
went in to edit the first clan and crashed the mud
ran gdb bin/circle with as you may have allready guessed no stack.
so from there i went through the FAQ 2.6 by george and followed the steps
outlined there
no luck.

if anyone has clue one as to why i cannot find the crash bug here i would
appreciate the help.

also i remember there was a circle-newbie list of its own
does anyone have the subscribe info on that list i cant find them on the


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