Re: Editing names etc in obuild. Goddard" at Oct 3, 98 11:18:21 am

From: Edoardo Spelta (espelta@GOEMON.POLITO.IT)
Date: 10/03/98

I have never used Obuild but i wanted to add the possibility of restring obj
names and descriptions and got the same ugly effect of having trash chars
appended to the string i edited.
This until i found out that in the struct obj_file_elem ther wasn't a field
to save obj names and descriptions.
So every copy of an object had the same memory zone to allocate its name and
description, so when i edited it every copy of that obj changed name and
Adding the missing field in the obj_file_elem (apart from destroying the
rent files) let me edit each object name and desc infivifually, without

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