Re: [Code] Saving mail

From: Ghost Shaidan (ghost@AO.NET)
Date: 10/06/98

> Well I'm not completely sure if this would work, but if you try to rent
> out mail it says you can't because its falgged norent. you could try
> removing that, but I think it might not work because I don't thinks the
> words would be saved. Or do you mean saved on a reboot if the character
> hasn't received that mail?

Mail won't save because it is dynamically created when the player uses the
receive command, and ALL mail has the idnum of -1

What you will need to do (off the top of my head) is create a 'mail
prototype' object, and make the mail system save the message as part of
the Edesc of the object.

You will need to save this object prototype vnum with the new edesc.

The problem here is making sure that the obj prototype doesnt override the
object implementation when the character saves/logs in/logs out.

Circle does this by default (rent files are not affected by prototype
changes, hence the 'old' eq blackmarket that exists on many muds I have
played).  Though our homegrown ascii pfile system will auto update all eq
unless it is specially flagged.

This way is quite a piece of work, there are probably simpler solutions,
but they aren't occuring to me.

Best of luck!

Ghost Shaidan
Implementor of Questionable Sanity 4000

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