Re: [CODE] char arrays

From: Cervo (chrisf@PTD.NET)
Date: 10/07/98

> char eventarray[30000];
Umm let me say I do NOT recommend this!

> void set_event(int time, long idnum, char *comm)
> {
>    eventarray[0] = *comm; /* Put's all of comm into 0 */
> }
As far as your event system goes, I personally would recommend a linked
list, or a binary tree sorted based on the time before the event is to be
done.  However I would definately NOT recommend allocating an array that

 char stuff[] = {"Hello", "how", "are", "you?"};
 What you have seen is
 char *stuff[] = {"Cervo", "is", "the", "redoC", "retsaM", "!!!!"};
 This is an array of pointers to a character string.  You could also do
the same thing with a two dimensional array.  If you wanted to access the
v in cervo it would be stuff[0][3], unless I screwed up the order of the
array :P  But this is most likely what you are referring to.  If you
wanted to do an event system, you would probably have to dynamically
allocate the string using CREATE, or just assign the one string to
another.  However for what you what to do, the best way would probably be
a limit of 10 events or so.

--char *events[10];

and then for each event you wish to add to it
--events[x] = (char *) calloc(strlen(comm) + 1, sizeof(char));
--strcpy(events[x], comm);
 Then when you access events[0] or whatever, you will end up with with
whatever string is stored in it.  However this is just (watch check) 30
second code, so there are tons of other things you could do.  One thing
might be dyanmically allocating the entire events array, but the best
thing would be a linked list.

something like
struct event_structure {
  int time;
  long idnum;
  char *command;
  struct event_structure *next;

I am not sure what else you would want to store, but this way you could
have it more organized.  As far as a procedure using the linked list if
you don't know check circle, however if you do know you are all set.  This
is also ideal because you do not know how many events are going to be in
the queue, and a linked list is ideal for this type of situation.

Of course, I didn't see all of the code, so for all I know you could be
doing it this way and having the event array doing something else.  Well
these are just suggestions and me killing some time(thanks for five
minutes of fun).

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