[BUG] do_bash

From: Mulder (mulder@CLOUD9.NET)
Date: 10/07/98

This bug has been found on a MUD running a heavilly modified bpl12 but I
have been told by a friend who runs the newest version that this hasn't been

If someone tries bashing someone in a room where combat is not permitted,
the fighting will not begin but, the person will be forced to sit down. This
can be exploited. Thought I'd report it

Best way to fix this I can see is:

** snip snip **

     send_to_char ("You need to wield a weapon to make it a success.\r\n",

 +   if (ROOM_FLAGGED(ch->in_room, ROOM_PEACEFUL)) {
 +  send_to_char("This room just has such a peaceful, easy feeling...\r\n",
 +  return;
 +  }

  percent = number (1, 101);    /* 101% is a complete failure */
  prob = GET_SKILL (ch, SKILL_BASH);

** snip snip **

i hope this is of some usefulness in the next release

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