[CODE] practice

From: Craig Brown (micron@NET.BLUEMOON.NET)
Date: 10/09/98

I'm having some problems with the 'practice' command. I've changed the
code, removed
classes, and added multi-level(8 simultanously running level systems).
I changed the spell system accordingly. Below is my 'spello'.

void spello(int spl, int max_mana, int min_mana, int mana_change, int
                 int targets, int violent, int routines, int min_level,
int type)
  spell_info[spl].mana_max = max_mana;
  spell_info[spl].mana_min = min_mana;
  spell_info[spl].mana_change = mana_change;
  spell_info[spl].min_position = minpos;
  spell_info[spl].targets = targets;
  spell_info[spl].violent = violent;
  spell_info[spl].routines = routines;
  spell_info[spl].min_level = min_level;
  spell_info[spl].type = type;

Spells show up fine... follow my type and level checks:

    if (spell_info[i].type == 6 && GET_FRCLEV(ch) >=
spell_info[i].min_level) {

Skills have the problem. The "skill" type sector will not work. I know
that min_level
is fine because i ran some tests and deducted that it is the 'type'

I have also changed my 'skillo' too:

#define skillo(skill, lev, type) spello(skill, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, lev,

  skillo(SKILL_PIL_SPACE_COM_1, 1, 1);
  skillo(SKILL_PIL_SPACE_COM_2, 1, 1);
  skillo(SKILL_PIL_SPACE_COM_3, 1, 1);
  skillo(SKILL_CMD_BRIBE, 1, 1);
  skillo(SKILL_CMD_FIRST_AID, 1, 1);

(All Identical for testing purposes... I see all or none)

Yet for some reason, the only way to view skills is to remove the type

    Thanks, Ryan Brown

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