[VC++5] Executing circle.exe from outside compiler

From: Andrew (object@ALPHALINK.COM.AU)
Date: 10/09/98

Hi all. I've been having trouble executing circle.exe when I haven't been in
the actual MSVC++ 5.0 compiler. I go start->run, and then type in
\circle\circle30bpl14\bin\circle.exe, and it starts up but almost immediately
a SYSERR: comes up in the app, and immediately quits. I can't read the SYSERR,
and log files don't work with Win95.

However, if I'm in VC++ and open my workspace and go Build->Execute everything
works fine. It's a pain in the bum though starting up VC++ whenever I want to
run circle.

Any ideas?

-- Andrew.

| Andrew Ritchie, object@alphalink.com.au.

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