[CODE] wear positions

From: Erik Steen (pink@BASTION.VANSBRO.SE)
Date: 10/11/98


I was trying to add some new wear positions to my mud like right and left
ear and face. I added the extra positions in the wear_x for eq list,
wear_x for stat and wear bitvectors in constants.h.
I also added the wear messages, wear_bitvectors in act.item.c.
And finally added the equipment positions in structs.h.
My problem now is that when i wear 2 earrings the firs is placed in ear
and the other on on face and when i wear a mask its placed as light, well
I guess its some silly little mistake but i have spent hours *sigh* and
still cant figure it out any help is welcome.
Thanks in advance.

/Erik Steen

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