Comment on saved objecs and mobs

From: Eduo (eduo@CIATEQ.MX)
Date: 10/12/98


I was wondering if any advance has been done in the ability of saving
modified or "special" objs and mobs in Circle...

I mean this not as a a demand but just as a question..:) I don't know what
the best approach would be (if creating a temporal object and mob list,
saved to file, or saving special objects in player files, etc.) but it
would add to the mud.

Pets would be used maybe for a little more than cannon fodder (specially
if the pet code is enhanced a little and pets are allowed to grow (that
is, to change them into "grown up" versions of the mobs: Kitten -> Cat ->
Greebo..:). Could be used a little like pets in nethack.

Also, when you order them to move they won't (because they mustn't get
away from you), you should get the "weep" message but still have them move
(or shiver in fear if it is a death trap).

Just idle comments.


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