Re: text file editor

From: Julian Buckley (buckley@PC.ELEC.UQ.EDU.AU)
Date: 10/13/98

> >i found this patch file for a text file editor, but it says i need a patch
> >file for an advanced editor or something like that cant remember, anyone
> >know where i can download that patch file ??
> Which patch for which text editor? What exactly does it say? Which patch do
> you want to get? Please be a bit more specific. And, does this have anything
> to do with CircleMUD. If not, you really need to place [OFFTOPIC] in the
> subject and include an ObCircle. More details in the list FAQ.

Erm, to me it has a LOT to do with CircleMUd...hance, not a need for an

The advanced editor patch well, got rid of the '@' to save a file for the
most distinguishing feature.  It added in the /s calls etc...Advanced
editor compatibility came with OasisOLC, etc etc etc...

The text editor patch I think would've been tedit, with which any form of
OasisOLC v1.3+ (?) would suffice to install it...

If so, goto the site, goto pub/CircleMUD, then into
contrib and into the olc directory or similar...if not, email me and I'll
send a copy.

 Julian Buckley, 2nd Year Computer Systems Engineering
 Dept. Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Univ. of Qld

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