Re: Shopkeepers running out of money?

From: Donna Lee Dom (lyramia@INTREPID.NET)
Date: 10/15/98

>Problem is that after a certain amount of time, the shopkeepers decide
>that there is no more money, even though they have got the flag USES_BANK.

What USES_BANK does is remove any excess a shopkeeper has over (I think)
15,000 coins.  A shopkeeper at reboot will load with the amount of gold
you specify in his mob file.  If it is more than 15,000 it will be reduced
to 15,000 as soon as the mud sees what he has.  If he sells a lot, then
when he accumulates more than the 15,000, it gets taken away from his cash
on hand.  (I think it was designed so that a keeper that sold popular items
and was also killable would not have more than that amount of cash on him
to be looted.)

If you want a shopkeeper to be able to buy a lot of stuff, you need to
set him to have a lot of gold in his mob file and toggle USES_BANK off.

---Lyramia, Age of War

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