Yet another warning-fixing snapshot.

From: George (greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG)
Date: 10/15/98
        (987,409 bytes)
        (121,939 bytes)



-- gg - comm.c: nonblock(): Use 'unsigned long' for Windows ioctlsocket().

-- gg - comm.c: open_log(): Use "easy" method for GNU C and MetroWerks (no fdopen).

-- gg - db.c: More int_to_short() for MSVC.
        magic.c: Some variable fixups for warnings, mob_vnum and obj_vnum;

-- gg - objsave.c: Crash_delete_file(): s/unlink/remove/

-- gg - comm.c: Also check for WSAEINTR as Andrew Helm <> suggests.

-- gg - sysdep.h: Mundi King <> gave me some #pragma's to
        disable warnings in Borland C++, how quaint.  Also had to give an isascii()
        macro for MetroWerks since they couldn't add one line to their headers.
        Also took the opportunity to clean up the "Who are we?" error message into
        something a bit more descript.

[ Hm, wrapping to 80 columns is hard when you have 132. :)       ]
[ If you want to try 132x43, type 'setfont alt-8x8' under Linux. ]

I've fixed (or at least, _should_ be fixed):

  - All Microsoft Visual C++ integer mismatch warnings on default level.

  - All Borland C++ warnings that are worth fixing.

  - MetroWerks for Windows.

I have also been given access to a FreeBSD machine by a friend so I'll be
working on the truncated crypt() detection.

Jeremy has 4 projects due today and is currently maintaining a 14:1
awake/sleeping hourly ratio (over 72 hours) so don't expect a release soon.

The corollary to that is you can expect an even bigger bpl15 patch...

And, a random quote from fortune to finish:

"No, I'm not interested in developing a powerful brain.  All I'm after is
just a mediocre brain, something like the president of American Telephone
and Telegraph Company."
                -- Alan Turing on the possibilities of a thinking
                   machine, 1943.

George Greer, | Genius may have its limitations, but   (mostly) | stupidity is not thus handicapped.    |                  -- Elbert Hubbard

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