[BUG] ?? with time command ??

From: Jason Davidson (jd@CGO.WAVE.CA)
Date: 10/16/98

I haven't sufficiently tested this on a stock version of the mud (3.0pl14), however I do notice that
if the mud is running as the month turns over to a new month, it adds a day that is out of range.
i.e. 36th Day of Month 1
If that day goes to completion, the next day would be 2nd Day of Month 2...
If I reboot the mud DURING the 36th day, and type time, I get the proper result, being:
1st Day of Month 2...
Now I've changed my calender and changed the value for beginning of time, but I'm sure that that has nothing to do with what I'm seeing.  I've adjusted all the mud_time values appropriately, and the constant
arrays for month and week.  Has anyone else encountered this problem???

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