[BUG] Phooey's Circle98

From: Jodi Goddard (jodig@SPRINT.CA)
Date: 10/16/98

I have found a bug in Phooey's Circle98 archive regarding creating a new
zone with the OLC.

For some reason (not sure which patch did it) it changed the sector type
field in the .wld files, and the OLC doesn't compensate.  Well, it's nice
and easy to change.  :]  Assuming, you haven't changed the zedit.c file.

- Goto line 192 and you will see the following line :
fprintf(fp, "#%d\nThe Beginning~\nNot much here.\n~\n%d 0 0\nS\n$\n"

- Where the two zero's are, just add 3 more.

This should work fine, and let the MUD boot fine.  I haven't done an
indepth test of it yet, but atleast this will get you started.


Yank MiKrank

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