Hand Patching & Crashing

From: Jourge Fuzz Bush (modem-burn@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 10/16/98

Well for hand patching I've made a tiny prog just so the rest of you
don't have to. Now this is only compiled under win95 and the source is
borland c++ 3.0 for dos. This is what it does, say you were hand
patching olc...... When you come to redit.c or something you would copy
all that paste it to the right doc and then pres del, down, del, down to
get rid of all the little plusses at the beginning of the line. Well
just save it to a doc. Like redit.txt (in plain text form) then run this
little prog and it converts it to the regular redit.c everything the way
it sould be. I've tested this quite thourly and I've seen no bugs.

So the command line would be: plusminus redit.txt redit.c
and your done and have saved yourself about 15 mins. or all together
with olc probably 1 hour of repetivivefinger acking work.
If you would like this prog e-mail me.

Now with the crashing. As I posted about this before my mud crashes
every 10 hours or so. I'm running it under windows 95. It only crashes
if someone is logged in.I haven't had time to test this out on the stock
version but I was woundering if anyone hashad the simalar/same problem.

        - Matt

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