Re: [BUG] [OFF TOPIC] show shops CRASH

From: Bryan Britt (beltane@BELTANE.COM)
Date: 10/18/98

I would like to mention about this %6d discussion, that I have been
programming in C for two months.  Although I have extensive programming
experience from ten years ago.  So forgive me if I don't use C terms.

I wanted to say that the formatting code  %2d, %4d, and %-4d are used
EXTENSIVELY in the OasisOLC menu coding.  Now while it took me less than
3 seconds to figure out what the code does, I understand that many on
this list are new programmers.

The original post to the list didn't have anything to do with the %6d
formatting code, and the ones that replied were unaware of the code.

My code has 56 instances of %2d alone 90% of them in Stock Oasis.  Look
at your code.

In terms of the C book not showing the codes...  I bet if you turn to
the page that shows the %d code it will tell you of the optional space
code modifier.

Now can we drop the %6d discussion and see if anyone has helped the
original poster find out why Show shops was crashing?

In trying to make our MUD more a thinking/realistic MUD instead of a
walk around and kill everything that moves...  we've make a few realism
changes.  Jsut in case you are interested, if not just delete.

In act.informative.c (do_consider):
    diff = (GET_LEVEL(victim) - GET_LEVEL(ch));
+   diff +=(MIN(GET_WIS(ch), 12) -12);
   /* Chars with low wisdom don't have a good sense of common sense.
      So give them a false sense of power.  Heh.  */

In interpreter.c:
Change the shortcut for the ':' to a comma or something.  The : is a
special character in zMUD.

In limits.c (point_update):  [We've added some SECT types but you can
see what we did, so you can make it fit yours.]

    gain_condition(i, DRUNK, -1);
-   gain_condition(i, FULL, -1);
-   gain_condition(i, THIRST, -1);
+   switch (SECT(i->in_room)) {
+     case SECT_WATER_SEA:
+       gain_condition(i, FULL, -1);
+       gain_condition(i, THIRST, -1);
+       break;
+     case SECT_WATER_OCEAN:
+       gain_condition(i, FULL, -2);
+       gain_condition(i, THIRST, -3);
+       break;
+       gain_condition(i, FULL, -1);
+       gain_condition(i, THIRST, -3);
+       break;
+     default:
+       gain_condition(i, FULL, -1);
+       gain_condition(i, THIRST, -1);
+       break;
+     }

Bryan Britt
Beltane Web Services

At [Sun, 18 Oct 1998 11:22:26 -0400], Del Minturn <caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET>

> Invincibill wrote:
> >
> > you guys are kidding right?
> >
> > you mean to tell me that you are tackling Circle Code and you dont know
> > about conversion specifiers?
> >
> I guess your name indicates that your a "Mr. Knowitall" on C
> programming?
> >
> > this is really basic knowledge. i would very highly suggest that if you
> > dont know this, go find a C primer on the net or get a C book.  There
> > are lots of really cool things you can do with conversion specifiers(for
> > both input and output)
> >
> Oh boy, I guess every C book that is ever printed has this in the book.
> Well, I hate to tell you the two books that I do have does not mention a
> single thing about this.
> It has:
> %c, %d, %i, %e, %E, %f, %g, %G, %o, %s, %u, %x, %X, %p, %n, %%, %.2, but
> not anything like %2
> The %.2 shows 2 decimal places. Not the same as you described.
> Please stop thinking everyone knows everything there is to know about C.
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