[DG SCRIPTS] Actors?

From: Fili (cybom@NETROPOLIS.NET)
Date: 10/19/98

Ok. Slight problem on my mud :) Basically, here is the deal. Last night,
I manually patched in the DG scripts code, and after doing that, began
to test it. Besides the spirious { that I found, the rest of the code
seemed OK up until a point - When I began testing the default triggers
(1-?) it worked - or so I thought. After a slight pause, the triggers
took effect and I began to test them. I typed force guard mremember
fili, and soon afterwards Ileft the room and came back. I was greeted by
something that said:

"I remember you Vorpix" or something of the sort (cant remember the
exact name, but it wasnt mine) I then went on and started testing the
other ones (greet prog) and it did the same thing. Then, to try and
debug it I had it also say the UID -- suprize! The uid on all players
was 0 -- the same thing. Mobs however, work like a charm. Any clue as to
what might cause this? I'm using bpl 11 btw,  in case that matters.


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