Re: Reading values from objects without loading them

From: Invincibill (wlong@E-SERVER.NET)
Date: 10/20/98

there is such a thing as a mob/object proto and mob/object index. on
game bootup, all unique mobs/objs (in all zones) are created and loaded
into memory in a table(array of structs) called(strangely enough)
mob_proto[] and obj_proto. if you know the real number of a mob you can
access its stats directly using the mob_index and mob_proto tables. if
you dont know the mob/object real number you can easily get it with the
real_mobile/real_object(virtual_number) function.

you could also look at the do_vstat func, but its inefficient in that it
it actually creates a new mob/object, places it in the world(room 0)
then does a stat on it.  i'm sure this was done to make the coding of it
easier, but if you want to loop through the whole mob/object prototype
table i would recommend not using this method unless you only want to do
it once in a while.

Daniel John Thomas Cecil Argent wrote:
> How can I do it?
> I've been looking in db.c but the functions do not make sense.
> Could someone explain how objects exist in memory , and how to read
> values from them , without loading them into the world.
> I don't need to change values, just read them.
> Please help, because this has really got me stumped, and is essential to
> the inner working of my new code.
> Yours
> Dan
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