Re: [NEWBIE] General compile question

From: Brian (brian@IMI-BOTTLING.COM)
Date: 10/21/98

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> On Wed, 21 Oct 1998, Brian wrote:
> > Why?  For some reason, arena.h was not being seen by
> anything.  What did I
> > miss that I needed to add so it would see arena.h?
> Does arena.h have conditional compile statements like
> #ifndef __ARENA_H__
> #define __ARENA_H__
> .
> .
> .
> #endif

Yes they did... So I removed them as a test, since I figured, something,
somewhere might be affecting it.  "grep" couldn't find any occurances in any
*.c or *.h file, but I got rid of them anyways.  It still did the same thing
(those same declaration errors because it was ignoring arena.h).

> If so, does something accidentally define __ARENA_H__ these somewhere
> else, causing the contents of arena.h to not be included?
> I don't have the code here at work, so this is just a stab in
> the dark.
> The other possiblity is that the definitions themselfs are
> conditionally
> compiled.

What do you mean, conditionally compiled?

> The other is that there is another arena.h somewhere that is getting
> included instead

Checked that... no other arena.h file.

> The absolute best thing to do is to run
> gcc -E comm.c
> or
> cpp comm.c
> This will run the c preproccesor (cpp) only, which will show
> you exactly
> what is being done with the include files and macros.  This shows you
> exactly what is being sent to the actual C compiler.
> Hope this helps.

Hmmm... I'll do that right away.  That certainly might give me some clue
what's going on!

Thanks, it does help...

 - brian

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