unrelated/accursid problems

From: Mulder (mulder@CLOUD9.NET)
Date: 10/21/98


OK, I decided to do something stupid. I patched OLC+ 2.1a for bpl14 onto a
highly modified bpl12 (yes, real stupid). Anyway, the results were bad. Tons
of rejects, but, I manually patched all of them, looked through the code to
make sure everything was clean, etc and it is.

Most of OLC plus uses "complete_cmd_info". This does not exist in bpl12. I
had to code everything from that part of the code into bpl12 to get it to
compile and work properly. The only problem was, I am also using Raf/Quin's
trust system & the godcmds code. (ie: set person cmdimp on)

So, something is obviously wrong, because it compiles fine but will not
startup correctly. I have been looking through this mess for 5 days myself
trying to figure out what could be causing it.

I had to change the command interpreter for the new complete_cmd_info and
the command abbreviation entries on the master command list. It seems
whenever the line "for (cmd = 0; *complete_cmd_info[cmd].command != '\n';
cmd++)" is called in the code (especially the
*complete_cmd_info[cmd].command != '\n' line) it crashes. (this is called at
boot in sort_commands, find_command, and alot of other places)

I am looking for some help here so I can get the mud working again, I tried
Tony Robbins (creator of OLC+), but he is understandably very busy. Sorry
for spamming the list with this complicated problem, if there is anyone out
there that thinks they can help I would more then appreciate it.

    - Mike

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