Re: nutritional facts

From: Bryan Britt (beltane@BELTANE.COM)
Date: 10/26/98

I hadn't really contemplated this before, but it seems like a very good
idea.   I would probably have any ITEM_FOOD loose one FULL condition
point every day that it is loaded...

So a 24 hour bread supply will deteriate awy to nothing after 24 days.
If you want to be real fancy you would proably make it go poisionous
at 25%...  so the last 6 days will be poison.

I don't htink I'd use triggers..  I'd hardcode the decay.

We may just implement that..  it goes along well with the new condition
types we have added.

Bryan Britt
Beltane Web Services

At [Mon, 26 Oct 1998 22:49:12 -0600], Chuck Reed <master@I-55.COM> wrote:

> >sort of weird how you can have a piece of bread lying on the ground for 7
> >mud weeks and nothing happening to it. why not make food become
> >rancid/poisonous after awhile perhaps? maybe decompose too? it wouldnt hurt
> >to make this an optional feature in circlemud
> I was looking through the hordes of back-email I have, and this one struck
> me as a very good idea.  First of all, it makes sense in most situations.
> Secondly, it will prevent players from stockpiling bread and never having
> to go back to the shop for a month or two.  It would easily be accomplished
> used the food object's timer and you can even throw in little features like
> dropping the object makes it "less fresh".
> I'm going to work up a little how-to on this subject, if anyone wants to
> contribute ideas for it, just send them to the list or to me personally.

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