[NEWBIE] [OLC] Dig for olc

From: RHS Linux User (carnage@GAMES2.MUDSRUS.COM)
Date: 10/28/98

I found this in a snippet file put when you go to compile it says
somethings not in the form of an array.  Anyone with any ideas please
post:>  LAterz.
Maximum Carnage
carnage.mudsrus.com 6669

/* Only works if you have Oasis OLC */
extern void olc_add_to_save_list(int zone, byte type);

  char buf2[10];
  char buf3[10];
  char buf[80];
  int iroom = 0, rroom = 0;
  int dir = 0;
/*  struct room_data *room; */

  two_arguments(argument, buf2, buf3);
  /* buf2 is the direction, buf3 is the room */

        iroom = atoi(buf3);
        rroom = real_room(iroom);

 if (!*buf2) {
    send_to_char("Format: dig <dir> <room number>\r\n", ch);
    return; }
 else if (!*buf3) {
    send_to_char("Format: dig <dir> <room number>\r\n", ch);
    return; }
 if (rroom <= 0) {
        sprintf(buf, "There is no room with the number %d", iroom);
        send_to_char(buf, ch);
        return; }
/* Main stuff */
    switch (*buf2) {
    case 'n':
    case 'N':
      dir = NORTH;
    case 'e':
    case 'E':
      dir = EAST;
    case 's':
    case 'S':
      dir = SOUTH;
    case 'w':
    case 'W':
      dir = WEST;
    case 'u':
    case 'U':
      dir = UP;
    case 'd':
    case 'D':
      dir = DOWN;
      break; }

CREATE(world[rroom].dir_option[rev_dir[dir]], struct
  world[rroom].dir_option[rev_dir[dir]]->general_description = NULL;
  world[rroom].dir_option[rev_dir[dir]]->keyword = NULL;
  world[rroom].dir_option[rev_dir[dir]]->to_room = ch->in_room;

CREATE(world[ch->in_room].dir_option[dir], struct room_direction_data,1);
  world[ch->in_room].dir_option[dir]->general_description = NULL;
  world[ch->in_room].dir_option[dir]->keyword = NULL;
  world[ch->in_room].dir_option[dir]->to_room = rroom;

/* Only works if you have Oasis OLC */
  olc_add_to_save_list((iroom/100), OLC_SAVE_ROOM);

 sprintf(buf, "You make an exit %s to room %d.\r\n", buf2, iroom);
 send_to_char(buf, ch);

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