Re: extra flags

From: Shane Augustine (sca@BU.EDU)
Date: 10/29/98

I guess I shouldn't have added the first if statement.  I seperated the two
just to test them out to see which if statement wasn't working.  As for
if something is wielded, I believed void hit does it in the beginning.  It
creates a pointer wielded and assigns this to the GET_EQ(obj, wield) or
however it went.  I tried both ways.

> Reading this, 2 things come to mind, either of which could be wrong ;)
> The first is that you need some {}'s after your IS_NPC check to encompass
> the 2nd if statement also, or else it will chec it every iteration of that
> function.
> The second is that you may want to first confirm that there is actually
> something being wielded, or you might try to access something on a
> non-existant object and the pointers don't like that a whole lot...
> Good luck!
> Ghost Shaidan

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