Re: [CODE] Windows 95 Email rego & C++ Books

From: Jourge Fuzz Bush (modem-burn@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 10/29/98

E-mail Thing:

Yes there is such a function I read someone else mention it, I think it
was CreateProcess which makes more than enough sense. But I can't seem
to get it to work perhaps the person that suggested this would be able
to provide some sample code. That would be greatly apreciated.

C++ Books:
Does anyone know of a really good vis c++ book for vis c++ 5.0?
The one I currently have is borland c++ 3.0 for dos (old). I do have
this other book but it bases eveything into the afxwinapp classes and
windows with mfc. I'm looking for something about the actuall commands
like file i/o, structs, classes, maybe a bit on mfc but not allot.

- Matt

Jason Wilkins wrote:
> Jourge Fuzz Bush wrote:
> >
> > And what the guy originaly wanted was a e-mail patch. See the problem is
> > that when he e-mails someone with this through his mud with the system
> > command everything will be stopped until the prog returns. That's not
> > long maybe 5, 10 secs but with all the lag that could be going on plus
> > this don't make a good mud. I figure that a simle little e-mailer based
> > on advanced text editor wouldn't be so hard to make considering a mail
> > server is based on a few commands. Now if that's not what he wanted let
> > me ask is there a patch for internal internet mailing.
> Instead of the system command, maybe you can start it up in a parallel
> process with something like spawn (I think there is a similar command
> in Win32), then your mud will only pause long enough to get the new
> process started.  The 'system' function blocks your program until the
> program you started finishes.  But there is a function in Win32 that
> will allow you to start it in another parallel process and it won't
> block the parent.
> Let me look it up in MSDN...
> Well, don't I feel sheepish, the function is called "CreateProcess",
> call it with flags that will cause it to start without opening a
> new console, make it not use the console of the parent, and start
> without blocking the parent.
> Hope this helps.
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