Re: [OFFTOPIC] Downloading linux & obCircle

From: Kristian Hansen (dm97112@EDB.TIETGEN.DK)
Date: 10/30/98

Jourge Fuzz Bush wrote:
> Ok. Since I am planning on deleting that os that always crashes and
> totally messed up my compu (WIN NT) I plan on replacing it with linux.
> Now when I went to the ftp sight all I could get was a bunch of files
> that looked like a drive that linux was installed on not the installs.
> And I don't have a boot record for linux so does anyone know how to
> download some type of installs that will create boot disks then install?
> Speed, and disk space isn't a problem.

Try to connect to It's not linux it's FreeBSD, which
i've compiled circle under straight from the box. They've got quite
comprehensive FAQ and installation material on the FTP site. BTW FreeBSD
is also available on a CD, along with a book about running with it.

IMHO FreeBSD beats linux in one very major way: There's printed manuals
available. (Publisher: O'Reilly)

FreeBSD allows you to do install from disks, CD, FTP, tape or almost
anything you'd like.

Best regards

Kristian Hansen (

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