Re: [CODE] Windows 95 Email rego

From: Jason Wilkins (fenix@IO.COM)
Date: 10/30/98

On Thu, 29 Oct 1998, Ryan Morrow wrote:

> "MailSend : A Shareware command-line Internet mailer for Window 95 and NT"
> I just tested it.  It runs in the command line in Win9x, NT, AND DOS
> (tested in MS-DOS 6.22 as well as 98 and NT).

Are you sure you tested it in MS-DOS 6.22?  What did it do?  I don't see
how it could possibly work as I'm pretty sure than this is a Winsock

> Since it runs in DOS,
> am I not right in believing that it is, in deed, a DOS program, and
> not a Windows 32-bit console program (like telnet, which doesn't
> require DOS or a command-line, BECAUSE it IS a console program)?

Telnet is not a console program, it is a GDI application.  Maybe you are
refering to FTP, PING, and TRACERT.  Which are 32-bit console
applications. The telnet program that I use is a console application,  I
use it because it allows me to use fullscreen character mode like a telnet
session should be.


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