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From: Jeffrey Hanks (jeffhanks@YAHOO.COM)
Date: 11/02/98

I found one of the best easy-to-read and free references on socket
programming information is Beej's Socket guide, which can be found at:

It's a 20-page document that gives good examples and talks about most
of the more important socket calls (bind, accept, connect, listen,

Once you've taken a look at this and are ready for the big boys, I
would recommend reading W. Richard Steven's book "Unix Network
Programming Volume 1".  It is probably the definitive guide on network
programming.  It will undoubtedly give you more information then you
ever wanted to know about sockets.  The information is presented in a
very good way with lots of code examples however, so is fairly easy to

Click on the link below to view the book on

If anyone would like more detailed info about this book, let me know
as I've read it.

Jeff Hanks

---Neuromancer <amarquez@TRINITY.EDU> wrote:
> Hello out there,
>         I've been working with the code for quite a while, and I've
managed to get a lot of things done, but one thing that's always
bugged me is having to skirt around the code in Comm.C whenever I've
come across it, because I don't quite understand what's quite going on
there. All the socket stuff is frankly new to me, and it bugs me that
I don't understand it ... so rather than asking for help on any
particular piece of Code, I'd just like to know if anyone could
recommend a book or website that would help me understand what's going
on in comm.c and how it all works with telnet.
> Just to give an example or two ... I don't understand why the
includes of direct.h and mmsystem.h for windows ... I'm also at a loss
as to what sysdep.h does exactly ... it's that sort of thing that bugs
me :)
>  If someone could point me in the right direction ... I'd really
appreciate it.
>                                 Help, Please?
>                                                    -Neuromancer
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