Re: [OFFTOPIC, yet related :)] Port access

From: Scott Johnson (Scott.Johnson@SUFSYS.COM)
Date: 11/02/98

Ah, another proxy story.  As a point of interest, I'm one of the people that
set up these systems in schools and other businesses.

Since you want to code on a MUD and not necessarily play it, I will give you
a little insight.

For a hint at the -possible- solution, proxy doesn't necessarily use TCP/IP
for transmission.  Proxy also requires authentication to gain access to the
firewall as outside resources.  Knowing this, two avenues of approach can be

The first thing you can try is forcing the computer you're on to use TCP/IP
and use the next router in the IP stream as your default gateway.  This
-could- be the proxy server, but not knowing the IP numbering and whether or
not you're on the same segment as the proxy server I can't guarantee it. As
a side note, you'll have to turn off proxy access in your telnet app or
whatever you use.  If you know how IP works then you should be able to
figure it out.  What we're trying to do here is find out if the proxy server
is set up as a router.  A lot of applications cannot use proxy access for
them to work and plain 'ol IP will have to be set up.  In this case, the
"firewall" that they're using cannot stop any traffic out.  It's ALSO
possible that the proxy server isn't the final route on the network.  This
could be the case:

  Router to INET------|
                                 |---- MS proxy server
                                 |---- router ------ Comp lab

What you would need to use is figure out where your routers are.  Not too
hard if you know IP...

The only other method of getting out is discovering the account name and
password to a proxy server account that would have access ( i.e.
administrator or principle ).

Of course this isn't needed if you move the port on your mud to something
usable.  Be sure you select a port that isn't being used.  Do a search on
the internet for IP port numbers to find this out.  Keep in mind that not
all services listed are needed or used.

  Have fun! ;)

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                Ok, here's the deal.

                I try to get on MUDs from my school network, so I can do
some development
                from school when things get extremly boring :]

                HOWEVER, the loosers who run the network put Port access
restrictions, and
                you can't connect to port 110 (POP mail, but I don't really
care about
                that) and any port higher than 1024 (I think they are on to
our secret! :] )

                I would also be interested in knowing HOW they do this

                Does anyone know a way around this; I tried Java Telnet
app's as well as
                the Win Telnet.

                This is what I know of the network:
                        Windows NT (version ?)
                        A proxy server
                        Not sure of what kind of connection, but it usually
transfers at
                57.6Kbytes (not bits)/s (What ever kind of line that is, I'm
not sure)

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