Re: Poll: Open Discussion on Levelling.

From: Marc Gale (MARC@BGC.AC.UK)
Date: 11/03/98

> 1. How long should it take an average player to advance through each
> level (in hours)?

The early levels need to be gained within about half an hour of play,
otherwise the average player will lose interest and leave.

Having gained the first few levels, the rate of progression can slow
down quite dramatically.  With a 30 mortal levels system, I would
recommend something along the following lines;

(I'm also assuming the player is making a concerted effort to level,
not just having fun playing the game)

o - Up to level 3, 45 minutes
o - Levels 3 to 10 between 40 to 60 minutes each
o - Levels 11 to 20 between and hour and two hours each
o - Levels 21 to 30 between two and three hours each

ish :o)

> 2. Would the length of time required change depending on the level
> they are at (i.e. would it take longer to go from level 49 to 50, then
> from 1 to 2)?

Yes, otherwise the game will be either exceedingly difficult at low
levels, or really easy at high levels.

> 2b. If yes, then how long should it take to advance through low levels
> versus high levels?

Low levels need to advance quickly to keep interest, as the character
matures and starts getting more powerful, the interest is maintained
whilst the levelling slows.

> 3. For an average player, how long should it take them in real-time to
> advance from level 1 to the highest possible level (this will most
> likely be hundreds of hours)?

Hmm, again, assuming a concerted effort to level, ignoring the social
aspect of the game, about 80 hours at best.

> 3b. How many levels do you have?


> 4. How many monsters of equivalent level to the player should the
> player need to kill to gain enough experience points to level?

Again, assuming that combat is the only way to gain experience, I
would say the first few levels should need about 3 to 6 kills, and
then, although the experience award goes up with stronger but more
manageable kills, the number of kills should increase.


Please don't quote my figures at anyone, they are only meant as an
indication of the ratio of experience requirements and gains through
the levels.  The examples above are not clearly thought out or
terribly practical.


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