Re: backstab 3, 98 09:16:18 am

From: Joshua French (jfrench@UMR.EDU)
Date: 11/03/98

> I have a problem with the backstab skill. Even if a player is just a plain
> thief
> (we have multiclass) you can not ever seem to get a backstab in, allways a
> miss
> just where in code determins this.
It's in act.offensive.c

Just as a hint to anyone else who wants to "find" something in circle's
code, and you happen to be on a unix box (or have that win32 grep)

in the source directory:

prompt%  grep do_backstab *.c

grep is the command, do_backstab is the word to search for (if using
phrases, then put in ""s) and *.c is the files to search through

In short, grep...while (grep){worship(grep); use(grep;}


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