Re: [ADMIN][Win95] Circle Mud translated in C++ Part 2

From: Mathieu Nantel (nant@VIDEOTRON.CA)
Date: 11/04/98

>What's the reason for the mud to be written in a OOP language?
>Seems that you're asking a lot.

Let me remind you that I'm not asking that anyone translates the code here.
I've been trying to find Circle translated in OOP for mainly two and a half

-I am currently studying in Computer Science and always working in
Object-Oriented Programming (C++ in my case, though I thought about using
Visual Basic).

-It has been proved, OOP is by far easier, less memory-eating and more
versatile than Ansi C or those languages out there which are not using
classes. The concept of MUDs is *loaded* with objects: mobiles, objects,
players, rooms, zones. I can't stop thinking about how practical such a code
would be.

-Though Circle is to me the greatest MUD code up to now, it still remains
hard to code for those "4th generation" coders who don't know what a STRUCT
is... (before working on Circle code, I did not know what a Struct was).
Coding techniques evolve every minute out there (look at Visual Basic, even
a baby can code something I'm having a hard time coding in C). Anyway, what
I am trying to say here (yeah, I'm only trying...) is that Circle will have
to evolve one day if it wishes to be more accessible to Mr. and Mrs.

I can bet on one thing after what I wrote here: I am going to be flamed for
my ideas (I can already read the "Well, go learn C" or "Stop using Circle
and start making your own MUD engine...").

Oh, and my respects to Mr. Elson and those who work hard for Circle.
Although I criticised the Circle code here, I don't believe I would be able
to redo such a huge thing without some serious learning. Thanks for making
such a thing available to all.

        Mathieu Nantel

                                                 Owner of
                                        Les Terres de Norek (french version)
                                        based on CircleMUD

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